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Why You Should Only Hire A Registered Contractor

Who Are You Trusting With Your Building's Operations?

Did you know BCI Services, LLC is a member in good standing with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors and the Better Business Bureau?


Hiring a licensed contractor offers many protections to the property owner, especially regarding residential property. First of all, a contractor can not obtain a license without possessing a minimum amount of experience and must pass a business management test. The applicant also may be subjected to a criminal history background check, and must not have any unresolved contracting complaints outstanding.

Has This Happend To You?

 In an attempt to get “the best price”, the unsuspecting customer calls the number listed on the flyer or in the ad and asks an unlicensed contractor for a bid. At first things may seem fine. In a day or two a worker shows up and starts measuring, or a small load of material is delivered to the job site. Then the excuses begin. After a week has passed, with no work being done, you call your unlicensed contractor. All you get is a recorded message. Several more days pass with no response so you call and leave another message. When the contractor does call, he is very apologetic and tells you about some catastrophe involving either his truck, his family, his help or another job he just had to complete. He promises to get right on your job the next day. A week later he still hasn’t shown up, or he does show up and says he needs more money. Sound ridiculous? Well it happens every day, often with the consumer losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You, as the property owner have little recourse other than to pursue the matter in court.

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